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arepitas de chicharron

Venezuelan Sweet Chili, Ground Pork Skin, Cashew Sour Cream (5 pieces)


las croker 58

Potato, Chistorra (Spanish Sausage) , Crispy Quinoa, Homemade Mayonnaise (5 pieces)


las alitas

Sweet Chili Glaze, Scallions, Cilantro, Tzatziki (5 pieces)


Tequeños de Cachapa

Yellow Corn Pastry filling with cheese (5 Pieces)



Pastry filling with cheese (5 Pieces)


el queso

Soft Cheese, Chorizo Sautée, Blood Sausage Powder, Avocado Mayonnaise


las costillitas de cerdo

St. Louis Ribs, Pineapple BBQ Sauce, Bacon Powder and Sour Cream (5 pieces)


los pastelitos andinos

Short Ribs, Mushrooms, Capers and Scallions, Homemade Mayonnaise (3 pieces)


Tequeños de Mandoca

Sweet Plantain Pastry filling with cheese (5 Pieces)



2 Tequeños of each (6 Pieces)


sandwichs & burgers

burger 58

Homemade Beef Blend, Smoked Gouda Cheese, Dijon Mustard,Onion Rings, Mushrooms


Sandwich de Costillita

St Louis ribs, Aji panca, Sweet Potato Purée and Criolla Sauce


sandwich crispy

Crispy Chicken, Lettuce,  Citrus Mayonnaise and Maple Syrup


Sandwich de Ribeye

Smoked Ribeye with Herb Butter, Black Garlic Mayonnaise, Grill Onion Purée



chistorra y manchego

Chistorra (Spanish Sausage), Manchego Cheese, White Wine, Crispy Tomatoes


Vegetarian with Goat Cheese

Mushrooms, Dried Tomatoes,  Asparagus and Goat Cheese 


Picanha Ahumada y Ajoporro

Smoked Picanha, Grilled Leaks, Cashews And Parmesan Cheese


main dishes

Punta Ahumada

8 oz. Smoked Picanha Crispy Onions, Barbecue 58 Sauce, Roasted Carrot Purée


1/2 Pollo Asado

1/2 Rotisserie Chicken Smoked.


Wellington 2.0

Short ribs, mushrooms, Dijon mustard, side of truffled mashed potatoes.


carne asada

8oz of Flap Meat , Green Apples, Red Onion Glaze, Sautée Rice


Pulpo Anticuchero

Braised Octopus, Anticuchera Sauce, Beet Powder, Cilantro Oil, Sea Salt And Cauliflower And Potato Purée.


smoked picanha

8oz of smoked Picanha, classic barbecue, crispy onions, side of carrot puree.


from the smoker



Flap Meat






kids menu

Kids Parrilla

4 oz Smoked Picanha, French Fries and Ketchup


Homemade Nuggets

Fried Chicken, French Fries and Ketchup


Mac & Cheese

Smoked Cheese a Lot of Cheese and More Cheese



Handmade chorizo


Pork Hallaquitas


Pineapple and Fennel Coleslaw


Sautée Rice


Texan Style French Fries


Corn on the Cob

3 units


Truffled Potato Puree


Blood Sausage



chocolate cake

3 different types


el de betilde

Smoked apple pie



Hen Soup

Chicken Soup