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The name comes from the word Barbecue, which is one of the most popular foods in
the United States and the number 58, carries it by the telephone code of Venezuela,
since it is the country of its founders and of a significant number of Venezuelans who
live in the City of Doral.
And it is that for its owners, by emigrating with so much effort and dedication from their
country to this land that has received them with prosperity for more than 10 years, it has
been the driving force that guides their commercial spirit and helps the community every
Barbecue 58 initially started its operations from a Food truck, having great success so it
was decided that its attention should go further.
2020 has not been a year of adversity, but that has not been an impediment for
Barbecue 58, to have activated its operations with the same discipline, fortitude and
fighting spirit in those who believe in their projects and achieve their objectives.
This is how in 2020, Barbecue 58 goes from being a Food truck to a Restaurant with an
exquisite menu for you, with a service and attention that lead customers to have a
unique experience, where the sensations to your palate will always want to repeat in the
best company.

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